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Hey, I'm Ben.

I'm the founder of the How the Fxck Substack and blog.

There's so much bullshit out there. So many articles written for SEO purposes based only on other articles written for the same reason.

The result is that we're expected to learn from untrustworthy sources, from people with incentives misaligned with ours.

So that's why I started this project.

I wanted to ask marketing leaders to share the secrets of their success, using stories based only on their experience.

Every guest will have an impressive achievement under their belt or something that gives them a uniquely detailed understanding of a marketing strategy.

This is the only way I want to learn and I hope you'll join me in cutting to the finish line, learning from marketing experts and leaders who've been through it themselves.

What can you expect?

  • Bi-weekly podcast: an interview with a marketing leader (free and available anywhere you want to listen).

  • Strategy summary: for when you don’t have time to listen to the full podcast, I draft it into an actionable playbook that you can test.

  • Bi-weekly playbooks & Ebooks: I write these based on my experience leading marketing, my conversations with other marketing leaders, and the weekly research I do.

  • Resources: A weekly collection of the best articles I’ve read and ebooks I’ve downloaded.

    Here are my email and LinkedIn. Feel free to connect. ✌️