Ep. 19: Lindsay Tjepkema on putting a B2B podcast at the heart of your content engine


Thinking of starting a podcast for your company? This is the only podcast you'll need to get started.

This week's guest is Lindsay Tjepkema, an experienced marketing leader and founder of Casted.

Lindsay was VP of Content at Emarsys when she first saw the opportunity that podcasting presented in the B2B space.

A podcast can be the fuel behind a powerful, focused content engine. Think about it, just one podcast recording with one of your prospective clients can be turned into:

  • A transcript

  • Multiple blog posts

  • An eBook

  • 5 audiograms to post on LinkedIn

  • 3 audiograms your sales team can send in their outbound work

  • Etc, etc, etc.

It's rocket fuel.

And for those of you still teetering on the edge of starting one yourself, this podcast is a great place to get you started.

We cover everything you need to create a podcast that cuts through the noise, tackling challenges that set you as an authority in the industry.